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Holding parents and raising brothers

Holding parents and raising brothers

Holding parents and raising brothers

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    Holding parents and raising brothers
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    Yiyao Aiyue
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    Famized book
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2022-06-27 20:35:43
Ding 11, a sophomore in senior high school, obtained the intelligent biological fat cat in an accident. Fat cat is a wretched, rogue and fat civet cat. It can make the body smaller. Daily meeting will randomly release tasks related to Ding Yiyi to complete. After completion, she will obtain points and treasure chest. The treasure chest can randomly obtain various knowledge and pill rewards< Br> as a result, Ding 11's life has completely changed. Her daily life is to roll the cat and fight with rogue cats< Br> she prodded the cat curiously in the stomach. Eh! Good softness; Poke again, ha ha! How comfortable! Oh, I can't help it. Let's poke again< Br> "little Niang PI, whether it's over or not is delaying my cat's rest. For your sake, I haven't had a good rest for several consecutive days of Star Trek. You don't bother me anymore." The fat cat glared at her angrily< Br> at the same time, her parents are a pair of very playful people. When they were young, they carried tape recorders, danced breakdancing, sang songs, played rock bands in middle age, and inadvertently gave Dingyi a younger brother at the age of 40< Br> the obscene fat cat kept turning Ding Yi's peripheral affairs into tasks and asked Ding Yi to complete them one by one. In the process of completion, she kept "beating the face" with people who could not get along with herself or her relatives and friends. In the process of completion, there are many wonderful and climaxes, which can make people fly up< Br> in order to make her parents' band famous, she wrote songs and set up an entertainment company herself. Her parents finally became famous. In order to better raise her brother, she runs the best kindergarten. In order not to let her brother go to school and play games, she buys all the properties around the school

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