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Bring the supermarket back to the era

Bring the supermarket back to the era

Bring the supermarket back to the era

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    Bring the supermarket back to the era
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    Young white
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    Woske Novel
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2022-07-13 17:25:05
Su xiaoruan didn't expect to wake up and go back to the age of twelve not only did she come back, but she also brought the supermarket she had worked hard for most of her life from then on, Su xiaoruan kicked the slag men and killed the slag women, and took the whole family to a well-off society drive away all the bad women who want to harm her eldest brother if she wants to break her second brother's future, she will encounter God, kill God and subdue devil if you want to ruin her third brother's happiness, don't blame her for driving the slag girl family to the northwest first to live again, Su xiaoruan is like beating chicken blood. The more he lives, the more comfortable he is and the more brave he is wait, where's this handsome guy from Su xiaoruan pouted: I just want to be beautiful alone, not with you a handsome guy laughs at the thief Xi Xi: you offended me, but you don't want to be responsible. Are you playing a hooligan Su xiaoruan glared:... a handsome man continued: I have money, face and abdominal muscles. I will never let you be wronged Su xiaoruan blinked and his face was slightly red: it seems that it's OK to make peace like this.

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