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Forced to open in the escape game

Forced to open in the escape game

Forced to open in the escape game

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    Forced to open in the escape game
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    Mirror oak
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    Day Books
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2023-05-19 09:33:59
Gu Xiaoqing has played many games, but it's the first time to play a real-life survival game if you don't pass the customs, you have to die the spread of the virus, the rapid spread of the virus, the sudden explosion of people, the seven-day survival period... happy manor, play a family house, reveal a little secret, what is staring at you in the dark... funeral, the funeral team passing by the window every night, Shh, don't make a noise ~ ... finally hugged the big man's thigh, Gu Xiaoqing thinks she can win. Unexpectedly, the system is full of tricks novice level: "you carry antibodies and need your help to develop vaccines." family: "you carry unidentified spirits and you can't return to the real world without solving them." funeral: "you're already on the funeral list..." GU Xiaoqing:... her fragments are also unwilling to be lonely a remnant of the witch clan: Although you have caused me another trouble, thank you someone was forced to suppress the spirit body: you came too late a research maniac doctor: how can you help me with your little body GU Xiaoqing:... life is not easy, the boss sighs it's another day of forced business... [not interested, delusional big man and woman × Calm, cold, serious, spoiled wife, crazy man]

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