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Green cloud disturbance

Green cloud disturbance

Green cloud disturbance

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    Green cloud disturbance
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    Jing Yuxiao God
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    Read Novel Free
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2023-04-10 13:09:43
Black clouds rolled and huge waves surged. A black dragon soared on the dome, and its huge body stirred the dark clouds to boil the girl stood helplessly. Her clothes had long been stained with soil and blood and were in tatters. The chaotic waves rolled into the lifeless beach. Mottled earth, rivers of blood, all sentient beings are vain at the moment all this coincided with the distant dream. Brother ATU, brother ATU, No the girl suddenly thought of something. She walked into the sea alone and suddenly a dark shadow flashed. The sharp blade pierced the girl's body. She fell down and fell into chaos the black dragon roared and turned into a human shape and caught the girl before she went into chaos. A tear fell on the girl's forehead. The girl held her spirit and stroked his hair. "In this life, you can, can you finally come here before I die." the girl looked at him with a smile, "brother ATU, are you finally going to marry me with your long hair?" he shook his head, tears flowing, choked and couldn't say a word. "However, An'an has no next life." he finally achieved perfect merit and virtue, but refused the post of emperor of heaven, traveled all over the mountains and seas, crossed the underworld and entered Huaishan mansion finally, I saw a girl in red dancing petals with flute sound by the river with plum blossoms all over the sky. Like an illusory dream, gather energy to revive the soul "little liar, you lied to me again!"

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