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The sage with the strongest magic guide

The sage with the strongest magic guide

The sage with the strongest magic guide

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8005 ratings
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    The sage with the strongest magic guide
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    Ling Feng is not a cloud
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    Passion Novel
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2022-03-18 04:01:40
At the end of magic, AI Beining, the granddaughter of the first person in the magic world and the daughter of two great mages, unexpectedly found that she had restored the memory of her previous life AI Beining: God must have mercy on me. I died in a wonderful way in my last life. I want to enjoy and win my life in this life but the next second, she suddenly remembered that the total value of all her magic values was only 5, the real war five slag!? True white blind, this family background and lineage against the sky, the strongest combination and the worst combination, this reincarnation technology is also no one -... AI Beining: who says the end of the world can't live? Who says ordinary people can do limited? Knowledge is power. I'm an acrobat and a woman who relies on millions of libraries! It's just... What's wrong with the "open book test" that always exceeds the outline?

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