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Boss, she s saving merit every day

Boss, she s saving merit every day

Boss, she s saving merit every day

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6305 ratings
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    Boss, she s saving merit every day
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    Grey Mengmeng
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    Clean book
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[women who can't sleep forever with mind reading skills vs tea bosses who can't regenerate disease forever] [1v1 mutual pet, vest, group pet, micro fantasy, sweet honey] after 800 years, Mu Mian returned to the world. She just wanted to sleep for a lifetime, but, Accidents happened one after another the family was destroyed bound to the underground merit book the beautiful man in the Millennium ancient coffin cheated the corpse ... you can find clues by saving merit. Mu Mian yawned and began to crack all kinds of strange things to save merit. However, the beautiful man who couldn't get rid of the corpse was always around. He didn't say anything about it. He was still very tea. Obviously, he could split the sky cover with his bare hands, Mu Yun didn't know she had mind reading skills, so he always thought he had excellent acting skills and tea skills, but mu Mian didn't eat this set ... Mu Yun: "Mian Mian, I wouldn't come if I knew he was coming." inner OS: what's the matter? I'll blow up his spirit cap later. Mu Mian: "... Mu Yun: OS: the dagger is rusty, and the cut is a bit fake. I will not sleep in my sleep. Mu Mu: "..." Mu Yun: "sleeping, the ghost howling outside, I am so scared, can I sleep with you?" can I sleep with you? "OS: did the group suck up?" "Whistling" "... Get in my room" this book is also known as "Opera master wants to attack me every day"

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