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Her live broadcast is hot

Her live broadcast is hot

Her live broadcast is hot

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    Her live broadcast is hot
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    The cat lost its teeth
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2022-12-23 00:57:07
Nan Qiushui is a game anchor. But it's not only playing games well, but also singing. In the early stage, there were few fans of e-sports, but there were many fans. They all said that she was the soul singer delayed by the game. Later, one day, she showed her edge in e-sports, and he couldn't open his eyes any more GU Xinghe is an unattractive rich second generation. He has nothing but money and mind. That time, Gu Xinghe accidentally clicked into the live broadcast room of nanqiushui in the live game. After listening to a drunk breeze, Gu Xinghe became the town leader of nanqiushui and slowly found that the little girl always surprised him this is a story of reality and illusion, and it is also a story of mutual growth one to one! More sweet and less salt!