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Circuitous heart field

Circuitous heart field

Circuitous heart field

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    Circuitous heart field
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    Lotus March
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    Long Novel
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2023-06-02 21:14:46
[bad tempered president x double personality actress] JIANG ran knows that another self still lives in her body. Even the other self once wanted to kill Chu Huizhou. in order to hide her secret, Jiang ran decided to divorce Chu Huizhou. but no one expected that she would lose her memory in a car accident the day before the divorce, and then she took a "domineering president's little sticky wife" My script for example, when she first woke up, it was like this - Chu Huizhou: "are you... Awake?" JIANG ran: "my... Husband?" Chu Huizhou pupil earthquake, "what do you call me?" JIANG ran said again, "baby?" Chu Huizhou didn't stand firm and went to call a doctor JIANG ran glanced, "can I call you sweetheart?" Chu Huizhou trembled, "doctor!!!" he suspected that Jiang ran had damaged his brain sure enough, Jiang burned the melon seeds in his brain and suffered from transient amnesia she changed from a noble, cold and indifferent cat to a small sticky cake dedicated to Chu Huizhou therefore, after three years of marriage, Chu Huizhou was shamefully occupied he was afraid that Jiang ran would not admit it after recovering her memory. He coaxed her to sign a guarantee in black and white. Jiang ran sold himself to Chu Huizhou all his life but after waking up, Jiang ran completely refused to admit it. He not only broke up, but also divorced Chu Huizhou jumped angrily: "in black and white, don't even think about it. In this life, you can only be mine."

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