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Put it on. I m in love with a bug man

Put it on. I m in love with a bug man

Put it on. I m in love with a bug man

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    Put it on. I m in love with a bug man
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    Princess Qingyun
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    Bestair novel
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2023-04-04 01:56:31
Angelica dahurica is a free and unfettered immortals fishing in the fairy world. Adhering to the goal of early retirement and early happiness, Angelica dahurica conscientiously impacts on itself to break through the last threshold of becoming a divine immortal but the sky didn't fulfill people's wishes. A rolling thunder rolled Angelica dahurica into a wandering ghost in the world at this time, a cold voice of the system appeared: "host, would you like to bind this bug repair system? It can help you reshape your body and re rank in the immortal class" Angelica dahurica: "go away, I want to retire." System: "whining, but there will be hidden benefits when bound with the system. Maybe you will become an immortal when..." Angelica dahurica: exciting. JPG so Angelica dahurica fights green tea in all worlds! Doubailian! Scum man! Fight wonderful stepmother only the bugs fixed in every world are entangled with Angelica dahurica, a heart that has been cultivated into a thousand year old stake "ah Zhi, I will always wait for you here." I begged Xianjun for 3000 years to meet you and me again

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