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Enchanting life of twin flowers

Enchanting life of twin flowers

Enchanting life of twin flowers

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1708 ratings
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    Enchanting life of twin flowers
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    Don't go with the wind
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    Ethical Novel
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This is my fifth novel. If there are similarities, it is pure coincidence. The name of the work was also set at the time of drafting. I'm too lazy to think of a tall and domineering name. Let's look at it together. This novel is a story of two female masters, a cross play. The sisters were two modern sunshine girls who were standing upright. After an accident, they were hijacked and trained as killers. Their lives have changed dramatically. When fighting for a free and happy life, he died with big boss and Miss Jin and was buried in a sea of fire. The two men who had been dead passed through one after another and came to the mysterious ancient continent different from modern times. The bizarre environment made them sigh about the value of life. They stood side by side with the men who met once in life until they embarked on the road of the top strong. Looking back, it was hard but with a sweet aftertaste. The flowers are still beautiful. It's nice to have you with them!

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