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Doomsday: she rustled in the survival game

Doomsday: she rustled in the survival game

Doomsday: she rustled in the survival game

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    Doomsday: she rustled in the survival game
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    Qin Xiaojiu
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    Happy Read
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2023-05-10 08:23:01
Global catastrophe, glacier melting, species variation, various natural and man-made disasters destroy the law of order. There is no savior here, and the place where human beings live is reduced to purgatory Tang Yun got the doomsday survival system at the beginning. Other players are struggling to survive. How come the whole painting style has changed since she came here "get ready and enter the extreme cold mode in three days and escape for ten days." "little sister, please take it!" "Tang Tang, warm up with your energy." Tang Yun, who escaped infinitely in the doomsday survival game, didn't forget to tease his cool and handsome little brother when the blade licked blood at this time, the system tells her that if she doesn't obey the rules of the game, she will die CP: Sweet SA female leader × Dr. cool 1v1 sweet pet PS: we have finished this free novel "fast wearing host, she specializes in dismantling CP". Welcome to see it.

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