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Walk alone in the moon

Walk alone in the moon

Walk alone in the moon

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    Walk alone in the moon
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    Zhou Jian Han Mo
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    52weixin Books
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2023-03-05 17:17:55
Born in chaos, she is the God of war in the ten heavens. She has seen the world of mortals for 690000 years and beaten the eight gods for 600000 years, which makes the divine world miserable unexpectedly, because of stepping on the banana peel, he fell to kill Sendai. Since his soul fell to the world, he simply acted on the spot! Unexpectedly, I met him. How can the gods miss this opportunity to form teams to retaliate and actively promote this "destiny" marriage it's a pity that a group of gods set it up alone. It's only the lonely moon. So we can only "force twist". Who says that force twist is not sweet? They are gods. If they are not sweet, they will become sweet!