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Kill my man

Kill my man

Kill my man

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    Kill my man
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    Passerby Trinity
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    Free Novel
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2023-03-12 19:36:58
The female Lord is SA and strong, not the virgin human nature is complex. There are no absolutely good or bad people. IQ online shuangwen the female Lord was killed by the male Lord at the end of the world. Her consciousness has not dissipated. In order to revenge, she promised "the creator" "Be a good man, shuttle through the ten afterlife of the male Lord, and you can successfully revive after raiding the male Lord. the novice world is mainly to explain the background, which can be skipped. the first World: a woman who dislikes the poor and loves the rich, X is angry and strong, and her ex husband brother the second world: a woman who explodes with force, X has a poisonous tongue and a gloomy spirit, little Marquis the third world: twins in the 1970s, the way to get rich and true or false Male masters........ refuse to be the same. The male masters of each world have completely different settings. The story is rich, non hydrological, no nonsense. It is readable. If you have a draft outline, you can jump into the pit.

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