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Mother, she was born again

Mother, she was born again

Mother, she was born again

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    Mother, she was born again
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    Huang qingran
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    Woske Novel
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2023-03-18 07:40:11
Xu Qingyin wears into the game and becomes the prince's side imperial concubine the crown prince was demoted in less than a month, so she had to follow the abandoned crown prince to the northern wasteland with the farming system, she has made great achievements in the northern wilderness there are countless fans, counting money to hand cramps at the beginning, the abandoned crown prince shengjunyi just wanted to keep her and kill her when he was in a bad mood at last he threw the imperial edict into her arms he said he was not interested in women and asked her to help him dispose of the women in the harem when she finally completed this arduous task, he said that the courtiers urged her to have a prince what the hell? Didn't I just help you hold the throne of queen How did it get to the point of being spawned by courtiers emperor, haven't you found your sweetheart yet Sheng Junyi: "..." is it not obvious that he did it (the novel itself is just a pastime in your spare time. If reading this book makes you unhappy, please remove it from the shelf and don't mess with yourself!)

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