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A sick cat of a rich man

A sick cat of a rich man

A sick cat of a rich man

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    A sick cat of a rich man
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    Chu Shuang reads his wife
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    Used Book
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2023-03-15 19:43:12
Li · powerful and calm boss · Yuchen x Jing · soft tempered and lovable · Nuo Jing Nuo and Li Yuchen signed a Cohabitation Contract by chance. They agreed to separate peacefully when the time came and never entangle. As a result, when Jing Nuo wanted to separate, he found that it was completely different Jing Nuo hesitated: "the contract says..." Li Yuchen smiled: "the contract says that we can negotiate to break up. I don't agree, so the negotiation fails. We can't divide up. Get married." Jing Nuo: "?" A big man fell in love with people at first sight, but refused to admit it. He thought everything was under control, Then when his wife ran away, he regretted that he had coaxed people back with a cavity of lonely and brave love sweet! Of course, there will be a little glass residue in the candy can, but when the glass residue is eaten, it is found that the sandwich is still sweet Shuangjie. They have no predecessors in the whole network our main purpose is to do everything for sweet love!!!!

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