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The host rejects krypton every day

The host rejects krypton every day

The host rejects krypton every day

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    The host rejects krypton every day
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    On the riverside
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2023-03-18 16:39:02
Cold and sassy women vs beautiful and strong miserable men not everyone in the world deserves to be parents as a result, the science and Technology Administration issued a questionnaire, and 90% of the questions must be answered correctly before they can have children but there are many people fishing in troubled waters * * yunqi's task is to clean up these people and complete the counter attack of cannon fodder as a technology administrator, yunqi decided to set an example and build a way to get rich in every aspect with his own hands but it is bound to a krypton gold system the system is always chattering: "the host is big, Chong duck! You are the next richest man in krypton gold!" ... the first man who has to be beaten even if he doesn't have enough to eat and wear is questioned about Yun Qi's generosity: "where did you get so much money?" Yun Qi said: "picked it up." don't ask, ask is picked up... the second man who had enough to eat and wear but was not so rich also asked the same question Yun Qi said, "I won the lottery." ... the third man who tried to wear warm clothes but couldn't eat enough asked again Yun Qi lied and became more familiar with the road. He said expressionless, "it's windy." ... [PS: don't spray if you don't like it, show mercy]

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