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Top painters are beyond the outline

Top painters are beyond the outline

Top painters are beyond the outline

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    Top painters are beyond the outline
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    Hua Ji
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    The One Book
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2023-05-27 06:52:04
Tang fan has a super ability to predict natural and man-made disasters since she was a child. She can let people avoid disasters and disasters in advance, but everyone regards her as a disaster star when everyone avoided her like snakes and scorpions, only Jiang Gu came to the door and asked her to help investigate the pending case< Br> Tang tired and cold refused: "Captain Jiang, this question you asked is superintended. I am just a painting. It's not what Holmes is." later, it was just a small painter who painted pictures. Every suspect he drew shocked the world. Br > · [this is a sugar sauce story of mutual redemption between a top painter who draws beyond the outline of the circle and the criminal investigation captain who handles the super hard core case] · protagonist: Jiang Gu vs Tang fan CP Name: sugar picking couple or lecture couple "when abusing, you can only pick up sugar in glass residue." "when you pet, sprinkle dog food with teaching patterns in hand." ... Jiang Gu: "Ah fan, your name is not disgusting, but my insatiable disgust with you. Tang fan is the best name in the world and the name I want to enter on the second page of my Hukou book." ... Tang fan: "Jiang Gu, I just secretly redeem you in the name of saving the world. This is my real selfishness."

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