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Fatal favoritism

Fatal favoritism

Fatal favoritism

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    Fatal favoritism
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    Woske Novel
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2023-04-02 16:29:29
[end of the text, fan waizhong -] Li Qiao, the daughter of the Li family group, was divorced the Li family rose to the challenge of the whole city and vowed to make each other look good * later, Li Qiao ran into the eldest brother of the retired man some people say that he is the most mysterious man in Nanyang. His surname is Shang, his name is Yu and his character is Shaoyan some people say that he is arrogant and paranoid. He is the underground overlord of Nanyang and should not be provoked in the continuous drizzle, Li Qiao looked at the wild man and smiled: "Hello, I'm Li Qiao." if you can't be a husband and wife, be your eldest sister-in-law * a few months later, when they met on the street, the retired man sneered at Li Qiao: "you followed me? You haven't given up on me yet?" a fierce tone came from behind, "be polite to your sister-in-law!" since then, there has been only one last rumor in the ups and downs of Nanyang City - the paranoid Nanyang overlord has a sharp-minded little ancestor. Her surname is Li, Name Qiao, word ancestor!

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