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Master Qi s holy staff is a and SA

Master Qi s holy staff is a and SA

Master Qi s holy staff is a and SA

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    Master Qi s holy staff is a and SA
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    December 1st
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    Yipin Books
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2023-03-15 06:01:59
After a robbery, Lord Haiwang lost his real body when she opened her eyes, she became a poor little girl whose mother changed her life to her sister, and she was also a black history that her sister wanted to get rid of later - a series of vests such as the first metaphysician and the mysterious alchemist burst out, and the whole network was boiling, and the black hearted mother and daughter were silly "kneel down and beg the grandmaster to give me medicine!!! I'll exchange it with a listed subsidiary!!!" "ask the master to give me a rune painting, and I'm willing to share half of my family property!" "please accept me as an apprentice ~ I'm willing to exchange it with beauty!" the cold and noble Mr. Qi stood up and declared his sovereignty: "stay away from my fiancee." Lord Hai Wang was stunned at the pledge in front of him - rich and powerful people all know that the current head of the Qi family set up a family when he was 18 but after so many years, the people looking left and right have never seen the mysterious fiancee just when everyone was suspicious, someone saw Mr. Qi and a girl setting up a stall on the overpass to calculate divination people: "..." - JIANG dolphin is dedicated to her career and wants to find her real body as soon as possible and continue to be her sea king I didn't expect to be dazzled by beauty and get involved in love robbery on the road of cultivation "Mr. Qi, drunk words can't be true." "drunk words speak the truth."

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