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Imperial Marshal feeding log

Imperial Marshal feeding log

Imperial Marshal feeding log

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    Imperial Marshal feeding log
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    Lotus root
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2023-04-26 17:57:56
As soon as Ke Zhen came down from the battlefield, he was told that his fiancee, whom he had never met, had encountered changes at home and his parents died. Although he inherited hundreds of millions of inheritance, he needed someone to take care of him therefore, the imperial marshal, who ranked first in the "list of the most popular women in the Empire", obeyed his father's order and married Duxi originally, I thought Duxi was a delicate flower that needed care, but who could tell him that the girl who was carrying a kitchen knife and slashing the humming beast really needed care? * Du Xi stepped on the air and came to the age of Xingji. He had no father or mother, only hundreds of millions of heritages to inherit... Oh, there was another fiance who was said to be very handsome and had never met before. as the heir of the imperial kitchen family, Du Xixi looked at the machine armor placed in the yard of his cheap husband and felt that the kitchen knife was more in line with his temperament.

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