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Midnight Market

Midnight Market

Midnight Market

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    Midnight Market
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    Red pink building
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    Cook Books
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2023-03-27 08:10:22
Since ancient times, Tai'an has been an area where the three boundaries meet. Taking Mount Tai as the line, it is divided into two boundaries therefore, it is not uncommon for anything to happen in Tai'an County however, just ten years ago, the Song family of Tai'an ethnic group gave birth to a child prodigy, who was capable of writing at the age of three and fighting at the age of four. By the age of five, everything at home can be arranged properly. For a time, the literati students in Tai'an scrambled to compete with the prodigy, and the door of the Song family was about to be broken. Not only that, but also an endless stream of people came to propose marriage, even though he was a five-year-old child but before long, the child prodigy disappeared and had no news. This makes many people who are attracted by the name come back in frustration, and there are no people from the capital. After all these years, Taian people still enjoy talking about the Song family prodigy, but no one sees it again but just six months ago, the child prodigy appeared in the sight of everyone.

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