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Krypton King s survival game

Krypton King s survival game

Krypton King s survival game

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    Krypton King s survival game
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    Mo Xiaoqiu
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    18ws Read
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2023-02-10 21:23:55
[infinite flow of survival] [high IQ drama elite krypton golden man (female) vs strong force, fierce and arrogant bodyguard (male)] after Xia Xi completed the doomsday task, he thought the day could be stable, and then found that everything was just the beginning when she heard "congratulations on players completing the initial trial selection, and then starting the real survival game", she said she wanted to raise her middle finger I'm playing with her after that, the headless people haunting the castle late at night escape from the secret room of the cafe hunting in dense forest Real werewolf killing... countless dangerous survival games follow Xia * big brother * Xi started krypton gold's way of spending money on props while swearing. Money is capricious, and the problems that can be solved with money are not a problem for her Xia Xi, who is doing tasks in the survival game, has nothing to do and flirts with his handsome little brother the little brother looks fierce and easy to explode. He can't bear to look good. He grows on her aesthetic point Xia Xi said that tears of frustration flowed from the corners of her mouth System: Hello, can you respect these survival games and have a sense of crisis! This is not for you to fall in love!