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Leave Tianjiao

Leave Tianjiao

Leave Tianjiao

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    Leave Tianjiao
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    Return to the world
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    Free Novel
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2022-07-30 21:12:13
Also known as: after being divorced by a group of men, emperor tainv tie Ci was eager to get married and issued a draft portraits of princes' children are hung all over the room. Romantic disease is delicate, the mountains are snowy, the spring breeze is ten miles, and it is wild and sweet. the beauty of the group competes with the beauty of the emperor, and the empress is never tangled. monogamy is not enough, and there are not too many three palaces and six courtyards. At least wait for a week. There's still sildenafil. However, Qun Mei doesn't like the little puppets born of big puppets. Before the will is given, the resignation letter has snowballed to the East Palace The Empress Dowager has won the record holder of the highest number of withdrawals in history the husband has to be divorced frequently The Empress Dowager opened the blind box with her backhand, the ugliest portrait in a dart for men, it's the same when the lights are off just him the eighteen sons of the king of Liaodong are as beautiful as flowers since childhood, they have been disguised as women by their rare mother, and women's clothing bosses are full of skills. But he was despised by his father and excluded by his brothers the big man is weak and pitiful, and the big man kills people without blinking it's easy to run an underground business, sharpen his knife to the supreme throne, and mention the female husband at the critical moment. A little puppet who becomes a little puppet Liaodong Jiye, the future throne, has come to naught she tried her best to get rid of the engagement, but was packed by the mother imperial concubine who was bent on climbing the dragon and supporting the Phoenix and rushed to the tainv east palace fate is wonderful childe, your ugly portrait, what if the Empress Dowager is blind and still takes a fancy to it If I really have such a good relationship with the queen... will you push the boat with the current... I'll kill her two way real fragrance the embroidered sword breaks through the ten thousand gates and overturns the world for half a life. Whoever pursues the rivers and mountains, who raises the tripod, and the sun and moon listen to my teaching I am a rebellious person in the world. I brush my sleeve in front of the hall. Mountains and rivers make a pen for rolling knives, and half que talks wildly to ask the immortal God.

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