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Donggong Mei

Donggong Mei

Donggong Mei

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    Donggong Mei
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    Wei Jiujiu
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2023-05-12 21:59:57
When the family was in danger, Zhao Xiwei became a pawn and was forced to marry the prince who loved rivers and mountains but not beauty. It is said that the crown prince is cold-blooded and has an iron hand. He can cure the civil and military affairs of the whole dynasty... facing the fate of cannon fodder, Zhao Xiwei is ready to stay away from the crown prince and save his life. But unexpectedly, after marriage, the prince suddenly changed his sex and coaxed him in a low voice every night: give birth to a child alone, okay Zhao Xiwei struggled: the minister and concubine were weak, and the imperial doctor said they should rest the prince leaned down and whispered a smile in her ear: since he was weak, he needed close care turn around and tell the right and left: if the order goes down, the crown princess is unwell and no one is allowed to disturb her at will the next day, the crown princess was really ill... day after day, it is widely said in the palace that the crown princess is beautiful. Unfortunately, her life is bad and she is a sick child he has a ruddy complexion and weak limbs, and there is no medicine to cure... this book is also known as the prince after marriage. He is really fragrant 1v1, marry first and love later

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