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Frost and dusk snow

Frost and dusk snow

Frost and dusk snow

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    Frost and dusk snow
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    Silent ten water
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2023-03-17 18:56:37
The story of this article takes place in the mountain sea area, which is the world of cultivating immortals. According to different regions, races and cultivation methods, it is divided into fairy domain, demon domain, soul family, secret land and demon family. Breaking through the ninth order to become an immortal, this continent seems to be cursed. For thousands of years, no immortal has succeeded. The new generation of practitioners are not afraid of difficulties and dangers and have started their life journey she wants to protect important people, but when she finally stands at the peak of martial arts, they are gone he is a gifted man, a bright gentleman and a natural king. He takes the world as his own duty. However, fate has pushed him into the vortex he is considered the most promising person to win the immortal throne, but he is willing to give up. If someone told him that one day he would give up his dream when he was young, he would scoff, but now he is happy she was honored and gifted in the first half of her life. However, the truth pushed her into the abyss he is the heir of a family. He has every plan and skill, but he will die calmly he was born a man who could not see the light. He always hid in the dark. He thought he hated the world and didn't want to save it one day he, she, it, their stories slowly open. The wheel of fate has not spared the young people. In the choices again and again, the road to come has gradually blurred. Where will they eventually go.

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