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Farm stepmother skillfully farming

Farm stepmother skillfully farming

Farm stepmother skillfully farming

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    Farm stepmother skillfully farming
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    Tea warm
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    Passion Novel
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2023-01-31 15:26:22
Walking through the ancient farmhouse, the family is surrounded by disciples, the mother-in-law died early, and her husband died. There are only four hungry carrot heads as a notorious and vicious stepmother who treats her children harshly, Su Mulan has no time to look at the blue sky, calmly rolled up her sleeves, opened up wasteland and cultivated land, set up stalls, engaged in business, enclosure and breeding... the stepmother works in the field, raises children and plays the best, Get rich and run for a well-off life the daily system is to make money and raise steamed stuffed buns. It is a warm farming and business culture to live a leisurely life. There are delicious food, ways to raise children, struggle, difficulties, achievements and laughter. It is warm, light of the best, and no system --- pure overhead, not elegant. 39959543, tea warms the group of book friends. Welcome to join the recommended author has completed the farming "eldest sister, she is rich", "Weixiang" and "young daughter-in-law of the palm family". Now he is talking about the rebirth of the abandoned woman "

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