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Same goal: Dream

Same goal: Dream

Same goal: Dream

Rating: 9 / 10 from 7116 ratings
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    Same goal: Dream
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    Xiaopan 219
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    Garden Novel
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2023-01-31 14:43:31
Su Xue woke up and found that she was wearing a book. She had read a novel. What should she do and what should she do who is the familiar shadow in the dream? He and he, are they the same person why is there always a feeling of heartache who am I? Who the hell is he? What the hell happened between us finally, Su Xue didn't understand how they became like this, why she forgot so many things, why she remembered it at last, and finally she regretted it she is wrong, so wrong, her heart really hurts... love is doomed, and the third life is expected. You and I are doomed to be untimely, predestined, and the outcome has long been expected, but I am still willing to accompany you as long as you are happy, but I can't even accompany you after all... (gentle man? Cold and enthusiastic woman?) Demining: the rhythm is slow, and the female Lord is a little cowardly in the early stage. 1v1, the ending depends on the development of the plot overhead fiction, free writing, no logic, daily plain text? There are inevitably some bad things in the first writing. Don't spray it. The author's psychological recognition ability is weak.

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