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Female emperor of the sky

Female emperor of the sky

Female emperor of the sky

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    Female emperor of the sky
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    Shui Yun lay
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    Woske Novel
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2023-05-14 14:00:24
Through the rebirth dream without trace, from a cute new girl, she gradually transformed into a calm and decisive female evil god, academic law, cultivation of immortality, killing all directions, stepping on the world, breaking into the spiritual realm, making a fairyland, blood flowing into a river in a rage, turning her hands and corpses everywhere, cultivating into a god step by step, and finally becoming a generation of female emperors who are proud of the world what is Linggen? Sister is not rare! One day, I will go to the top of the cultivation step by step with my own ability and become the existence you worship I am the master of my destiny. No one wants to control me. Under this sky, I am the female emperor! The only master book friend Water Group: 56312488 the story of this book is purely fictional. If there are similarities, it is a coincidence!!