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Ancient god she doesn t cross immortals

Ancient god she doesn t cross immortals

Ancient god she doesn t cross immortals

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    Ancient god she doesn t cross immortals
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    Half bowl of fairy fish
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    Passion Novel
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2023-03-17 12:44:35
Su Su, the ghost family, likes to eat ghosts and ghosts. He is playful by nature. He led the army for the first time. He died miserably without leaving a whole body she was reborn on the disabled third young lady of the coffin digging family. She was in her own mourning hall as soon as she opened her eyes. The treacherous housekeeper thought that she had cheated the corpse to revive her soul and claimed her life. She was scared to death on the spot turn left three times, turn right three times, and look horizontally and vertically. You feel that there is a gold plaque on your head eyesore! Click! One minute, two and a half coffin digging aristocratic family, you dig the grave. What do I eat this doesn't mean you're robbing me for rations I don't understand you all... Wait, what kind of soul is that take a bite first er... Bah! It's not delicious (get rid of) family owner Su: Su Su, this is the spirit of our coffin digging. You've eaten the 300th one, but you can't eat any more Su Su: stingy, I'm a princess of the ghost family. I snap my fingers casually. It's just a bunch of spirits waiting in line. These are just grinding their teeth the five elements family: I heard that Su Su eats R... Su Su: fart, don't spread rumors to me! God can only bless people, especially ancient gods!

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