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After my rebirth, I was pampered by the boss

After my rebirth, I was pampered by the boss

After my rebirth, I was pampered by the boss

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    After my rebirth, I was pampered by the boss
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    Cold wood
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    Mp3 Books
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2023-03-18 16:45:00
[sweet pet, the sweetness of the dead] it's said that emperor Du, who is terminally ill, is ill. Prince Mo Xun is well and always with a lovely little girl Prince Mo spoiled the little girl. He still served as an ancestor president Mo said boldly: whoever wants to move his little ancestor, he will destroy his whole heaven Long Yao looked at a beautiful big fish in the aquarium and stared at it without blinking. Her saliva flowed all over the floor Long Yao pointed to the big fish and said: can I eat it Mo Xun: if you can, uncle Yaoyao will give you whatever you want the attendants behind the two big men smoke at the corners of their mouths, my Lord! If you continue to get used to this ancestor, the sky will be pierced - Long Yao saw someone speak ill of Mo Xun point to those humanitarians: can I kill them Mo Xun shook his head: baby, this can't be slaughtered. We want to be a good child who abides by the law Long Yao said that the human world is not fun at all you can't fight, you can't have fun eating, and you always meet people who want to turn her home to serve as her ancestors Long Yao:... Isn't it good to be a dragon? Why does she want to be human Long Yao picked up an uncle, and from then on, she opened the way of learning - [a sullen uncle vs a dull and cute food dragon in his early years]

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