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Smash pots and sell iron to fix Immortals

Smash pots and sell iron to fix Immortals

Smash pots and sell iron to fix Immortals

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    Smash pots and sell iron to fix Immortals
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    Flower Yan ya
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    Novel 520
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2023-03-15 13:22:13
[1v1 sweet pet + shuangwen + vest] Jun Guling, the first alchemist of the fairy spirit, was reborn after being killed after a thousand years of dreaming, I lost all my accomplishments and was dragged to marry for joy Jun Guling: ha should it be so miserable What's worse is that you accidentally saved the young gentleman of the demon God hall. How can you break this isn't this the enemy of capital? (bitter -) don't panic -- it's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge after the fairy enters the sect and has practiced the ancient and supreme skill it's just -- "is there any mistake? The qualification is too poor, so you can only go to forge iron?" are you crazy? Is there any reason Jun Guling:... "I don't want to forge iron. I just want to refine pills and cultivate immortals to avenge the destruction of the family! (I've cried out)" someone's face despised, "don't cry, I'll cover you later." Jun Guling thought of someone's weak body and pale face when he saw blood, and cried even more fiercely, "are you sure?" - [a beautiful alchemist forced to forge iron vs a talented devil with a penchant for cleanliness]