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Wing cotton

Wing cotton

Wing cotton

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4570 ratings
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    Wing cotton
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    Niu Ying
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    Apple novel
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2023-05-27 14:23:27
Yu Fei thought she was unlucky enough until she found that she almost lost her life and the person she saved was her "enemy" she can't afford to hide, but her enemies want to repay her kindness and take a strong stake in her small cotton farm on the first day when the "enemy" became a shareholder, he looked at the cotton field with drip irrigation belt and plastic film that had just been sown according to the time he said, and Yu Fei hated to think: she was obsessed with what technology stocks she let him enter half a year after the "enemy" became a shareholder, he remotely controlled the agricultural UAV and wiped out the insect disaster in the 600 mu cotton field. He casually asked her, "I like you. How are you thinking about it?" she stood behind him: hehe one year after the "enemy" became a shareholder, Yu Fei watched him skillfully start the machine and roll the harvest cotton into golden eggs her eyes are like crescent moon: little brother, did you count on me when you said you liked me?

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