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Starlight free fall

Starlight free fall

Starlight free fall

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    Starlight free fall
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    Amy small
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    Daily Novel
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2022-07-06 03:12:56
The two men worked together to investigate the case. The king blew it up at the beginning. I'm locked. Will you come< Br> why do childhood friends not recognize each other? Mysterious organizations infiltrate the world? Is such a large enterprise reduced to a criminal group< Br> can they uncover the mystery of the truth and the hypocrisy of this new era< Br> the following is a brief introduction to the starting background: Niancheng is a very beautiful city. In recent years, under the maintenance of a mysterious organization, Niancheng is surprisingly peaceful, with a sharp decline in the crime rate. There is a mysterious organization, but everyone who has been helped by them knows it very well< Br> every year, the organization will select appropriate talents to join the "task force", but these people are only responsible for intelligence work. The "intelligence agent" reported the recent situation to the headquarters every week, the "executor" solved the problem, and the "covert" dealt with the aftermath< Br> the real internal members of the task force are only five. As "law enforcers", they always cross the border. In the eyes of the police, this is just a criminal organization< Br> the police in Niancheng have repeatedly sent out police to arrest, but they have never been able to catch any of their internal members< Br> (this article is purely fictional and only for entertainment. I will try to update it.)

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