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Record of the female emperor controlling God

Record of the female emperor controlling God

Record of the female emperor controlling God

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    Record of the female emperor controlling God
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    Rose and tea
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    Canela books
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2022-07-07 15:26:57
Synopsis of the plot version: as the pride of the aristocratic family, he got the top chance in the secret place. He should have made a rapid progress. However, due to a powerful encirclement and suppression triggered by greed, Qing Jiu had to give up everything and have a chance to turn the tables in the future< Br> in the lower plane, Qingjiu looks at himself. Cultivation has been abolished, the spiritual field has been severely damaged, the eccentric inheritance cannot be separated, and thousands of abilities have been restricted by the position... So what? Condense my Tao mind, gather my Tao mind, make heaven a chessboard, make all living beings children, and die in the next game< Br> during this period, there were many secret places in the Qianyuan empire. Tianjiao walked everywhere. Countless Taoists were born in the sky. First, there were green clothes, long swords, white gauze, bamboo flute, and thousands of people. More "I started with a black sabre in my left hand and dialed with time and space in my right hand. I can control the yuan force in the world and break countless mysteries!"< Br> when Qing Jiu left, countless Tianjiao were glad to have lost a strong enemy; When Qing Jiuhui came back, countless Da Neng were born in this era< Br> people in that topic are sharp and open their own way< Br> the mysteries of time and space backtracking, the mysteries inherited in ancient times, the ethereal voice, the crusade of thousands of great powers, the pursuit of the God killing alliance, the abandonment of family leaders... And follow me to ask a question about Shura< Br> introduction to the Personal Edition: the most wanton nature is this madness, and the crow green can break the feast of heaven's pride< Br> try your best to reach the sky, and no immortals will be left under the immortal snow sabre< Br> note: in this article, the main female leader is full of fantasy. With CP, she is no better than the female leader