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When the world becomes a game map

When the world becomes a game map

When the world becomes a game map

Rating: 9 / 10 from 17890 ratings
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    When the world becomes a game map
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    Koi, come here
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    Lava Novel
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2023-03-01 20:47:38
The world changed. A group of alien monsters suddenly appeared on the earth. Everyone thought that the end of the world was coming. But when Bai Jiujiu picked up a small hammer and killed a mutant mouse, she found that she had upgraded from then on... I picked up the hammer and embarked on the road of no return to upgrade theater 1 Bai Jiujiu looked up at the man in black standing against the wall and asked, "do you love me?" Ji Liang: "love." "how much love?" "love you as much as you love me." she was angry: "Why are you so! Can't you love me more?" the man said calmly: "Your life is mine, my life is yours. Who do you say is more and who is less?" "..." Theater 2 Bai Jiu sat on the edge of the 100 meter high rooftop, looked at the darkness below like an abyss, and said to the man behind him, "I heard you wanted to jump from here to commit suicide?" "um." "then why not jump?" The man looked attentively at the beautiful back with a deep voice: "I can't bear it, because my lover is still alive..." "..." Bai Jiu looked at the dark face without expression, but his face was quietly red ~