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The female boss blew up in the survival game!

The female boss blew up in the survival game!

The female boss blew up in the survival game!

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    The female boss blew up in the survival game!
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2022-06-24 09:48:33
After she became an orphan, she was in an uneasy mood to accept everything at the game level, inexperienced she broke through the level with the help of the system. Without materials, Su red sandalwood worked hard to earn silver coins, buy materials, solve food and clothing, kill wild animals with her companions, escape, become stronger, and experience all kinds of thrilling and adventurous tasks wasteland and old city: escape from death, rely on oneself, and wild animals are everywhere live broadcast of wild forest exploration: live broadcast of thriller escape, live broadcast of food, live broadcast of recording title, live broadcast of face beating ~ giant ship Adventure: in the dark, strange and dangerous giant ship, cooperating with NPC, mutant species attacked one after another tomb adventure sweet dense color sugar town the real world welcomes the end -- summary of the rules of the game: the success of customs clearance is not erased, the elimination in the middle is erased, and the failure of customs clearance is erased [snippet] weak disguised male master shakes up to become belly black # strong female master shakes up to become strong playwright someone smiles, "Tan Tan, let's discuss the matter of boyfriend and girlfriend!" Su red sandalwood reached out his broken little finger, "OK! Come here!" this book is also known as "game survival: female owners have clever fake men left" CP: [Yu Ming CP Su red sandalwood], note: female owners are getting stronger and stronger; In the early stage, men are timid and weak, and in the later stage, they will be strong. Men and women are both strong.

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