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After the mystery fog dissipated

After the mystery fog dissipated

After the mystery fog dissipated

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    After the mystery fog dissipated
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    Childe has no envy
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    Health Books
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2023-03-09 13:50:18
26 teenage girls were mysteriously missing. Did they receive any perfume, provocative or marked? Br > lost red shoes disappeared at night ... what unknown secrets are hidden behind every strange case * * the Municipal Bureau explodes eggs with double materials Ying Shengsheng, vice captain of the Municipal Bureau of criminal investigation, wears a female version of the soul duel with sister Lin's beautiful face but the attribute of explosive barrel Ruan Shu, the criminal investigation team leader of the Municipal Bureau, thought he was a little rogue langyuan wonderful flower without wearing police uniforms, and the children's super Mary of the Municipal Bureau Ying Shengsheng: Ruan Shu, Yu Bureau said that you were late 15 times this month. When someone came, go to the finance office and pay the fine Ruan Shu: shit, is this the ideological awareness of young women in your village? If you don't say that you are your immediate boss, you should call me brother Ying Shengsheng: I just send a message to eunuchs. It has no special function of flattery Ruan Shu took a breath of air-conditioning, which showed that young women had a thorough understanding of their own image.

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