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Beauty ancestor, she attracts bees and butterflies again

Beauty ancestor, she attracts bees and butterflies again

Beauty ancestor, she attracts bees and butterflies again

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    Beauty ancestor, she attracts bees and butterflies again
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    Round square
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2022-05-16 03:10:49
Eight hundred years ago, the grand master Ji of biqiongshan passed away. For a time, countless male practitioners who silently fell in love with their ancestors washed their faces with tears all day and wanted to go with her the only apprentice that Ji Laozu received in his life, Bai Xianjun, directly said that he would be filial to his master all his life and would no longer be married eight hundred years later, there was a female disciple on Biqiong mountain with a sweet mouth and extraordinary talent. Male practitioners of all schools were very happy with this lovely little younger martial sister, and even the demon lord of the demon world personally signed the letter of appointment. They were willing to marry this woman at the cost of not going to war with the fairy world for thousands of years but later, a man Xiu clearly saw that his gentle and polite little younger martial sister, with an evil face, put CI baixianjun against the door and breathed away from the ambiguous chaoxianjun's ears, while CI baixianjun, who has always been inhumane, cold and abstinent, turned red and angry - Biqiong's famous CI baixianzun discovered a secret that her disciple was Ji Laozu, the little master she loved badly in order to get close to his little master, feicibai tried his best to cover up his bloody self, cared for, took care of and seduced master. He did everything he could and could not do later, I didn't know which of my little masters was wrong and ran away with a wild man so he fell into the devil. When he saw him again, he tied the little master with a fairy rope - the man wears a unique face, his dark eyes are sinister and his tone is slightly cool. "Do you still run?" she is his light and all sentient beings are numerous. He only cares about her.