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Did she take the wrong script

Did she take the wrong script

Did she take the wrong script

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    Did she take the wrong script
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    Pillow numb hand
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    Wind Book
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2022-06-23 10:45:29
[holographic game + eschatology] who would have thought that you could change a place when you wake up Gu Sheng was originally an ordinary game evaluation anchor of Bluestar. One day, when she woke up, she found that she was wearing it and owed a huge sum of money because of a game warehouse Gu Sheng:... Seriously, I've never been so speechless in my life [Ding Dong! The holographic game of doomsday survival has been fully launched. This game uses the most advanced biological access technology, and the simulation is up to 99% +. The game will be officially launched after 02:00:00. Please be ready to log in!] by chance, Gu Sheng decided to go into the pit because he ran into the holographic game service. Gu Sheng insisted that he would not waste resources who knows: [system: Ding Dong! You can't leave the game without achieving customs clearance achievements. I wish you a happy game ~] so you can only... city map? get! Koi teammate? get!... territory construction? get! people: Hey, wait! Why isn't the painting style of this territory right Gu Sheng waved: Oh, it's all the same. Don't pay too much attention to details the crowd watched the territory floating in mid air fall into silence< < tip. Br: > < tip. Br * > No CP, unreasonable brain hole growth text< br> 2. Mainstream holographic online games have a large number of private settings, and some game settings refer to current online games.]

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