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The love of blood ancestors

The love of blood ancestors

The love of blood ancestors

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    The love of blood ancestors
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    Forest spirit
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-05-19 21:17:14
Hua Ling is different from ordinary people since childhood. He jumps out of the pinecone and eats several buckets of rice at a time. He is naturally tearful and heartless. He thinks about how to poison the vampire king with his own blood every day. But he said the blood was not fragrant. Didn't it hurt? Ordinary vampires bit her and instantly disappeared it turned out that she was the God of heaven. During the robbery, she was smashed by Xiluo's palm and turned into seven pieces scattered on all planets. One of them was in his body. If you want to get it back, it will hurt his life. What should you do?