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There is room for crossing the farm wife

There is room for crossing the farm wife

There is room for crossing the farm wife

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    There is room for crossing the farm wife
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    Who says the autumn water is still there
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    Happy Novel
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2022-06-01 02:18:36
Zhang Jiaoer wears it into a book. Her husband becomes the first assistant of the current Dynasty. Her two sons are the top scholars. Zhang Jiaoer is happy. She is going to lie down and win. But her mother asked her to go out of the wall, and her friends introduced her to handsome men. What's the situation? She doesn't want it, not at all. She wants to guard her husband and son her family is poor. It doesn't matter. There are treasures on the mountains. She can dig ginseng at will. The water is also treasure. She can touch it at will until she is too old. As the days go by, the better. It doesn't hurt if my mother-in-law makes trouble. Her soldiers will block the water and cover the earth her husband has a different heart, and she can't afford to lose. She can't afford to close and leave. Whoever is afraid of, Zhang Jiaoer will leave with a wave of her hands, but her two sons hold her legs and want to go with her. When the husband sees that his son and wife are gone, how can it be done? He bowed his head and admitted his mistake.

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