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Ji Zong s little wife at large

Ji Zong s little wife at large

Ji Zong s little wife at large

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    Ji Zong s little wife at large
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    Lin Yushen
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    Free Novel!
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2022-08-05 05:12:01
Ji Shuyun killed him unexpectedly. LAN Ruoxi, whom he hated, was the girl he vowed to cherish all his life he ruined her family and made her pretend to be someone else force her to kill her own existence he thought she was the loser but it was not until the truth came out that he realized that he had lost in the beginning it was he who never forgot, but he forgot, forgot the promise he made to her in those years at last, the woman's face looked like someone else's, smiled and asked him, "Lan Ruoxi? Who is LAN Ruoxi?" "Shu Yun, have you forgotten? I'm LAN Lin. are you looking for LAN Ruoxi? But LAN Ruoxi has long been gone!

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