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Rein in the precipice of Xianyu building

Rein in the precipice of Xianyu building

Rein in the precipice of Xianyu building

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5699 ratings
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    Rein in the precipice of Xianyu building
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    Tianling leek
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    52weixin Books
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2023-05-04 22:24:57
Ah, I'm dead, ah, I'm alive again, ah, I'm wearing it the body is the master of mysterious organizations. The soul comes from the modern Xiuzhen little sister the memory clearly told her that this was an ordinary martial arts world, but on the way to investigate the cause of the original owner's death, what happened to the runes and friars that came out one after another even in the plug-in space, a xianzun big man broke into it he really has no idol burden at all. He just takes the furniture and lies down in her space + + "Xianyu building" spiritual cultivation and martial cultivation are caught together, and there is no mistake in investigating and fishing "Dongcang kingdom" see who is the villain who is the murderer who doesn't have eyes the man came to show up online love wears a vest, and he can't recognize it by force "Lingwu hall" It is said that if you are rich and noble, don't forget each other Ji Xuan thinks that she is finally the son of heaven rein in at the brink of the precipice and act together better than one who can do things except me go to the secret place to practice quickly Xianyu building is really a place without salted fish

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