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The rookie of online games is crazy

The rookie of online games is crazy

The rookie of online games is crazy

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    The rookie of online games is crazy
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    Thousands of mirrors and eight wasteland
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-12-01 06:46:46
After Ji Xiaoyan somehow mixed an N.P.C identity certificate, the game life is no longer the same "Xiaoyan, let's have some top-notch equipment, artifact and beast!" "Xiaoyan, go to N.P.C. where to contact the hidden task, and you have such a good relationship!" "Xiaoyan, you still need evil value? Let's form a team to brush players!" Ji Xiaoyan glared: do you have gold coins Yan foil drifted away with an inevitable slant on her face, and the stranger said, "Xiaoyan is mine." "the winner is not certain yet!" the stranger smelled the speech, hooked his mouth and smiled Ji xiaoyanmo, in fact, she really wants to shout: you, you, you, you are all mine... just, can reality and games really mix up ------------ Qianqian has built a group: 210591787, which is convenient for you to find Qianqian to communicate... You can add it if you are interested.

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