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She s going to be a patriarch

She s going to be a patriarch

She s going to be a patriarch

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    She s going to be a patriarch
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    No sad autumn
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    Clean book
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2022-12-29 05:55:01
He Miao, the housewife, wore to a strange Dynasty. Her father didn't hurt her mother and didn't love her. She stayed in the gully all day, rubbing her hands and waiting to start her beautiful life of farming unexpectedly, one night, when she sneaked out because she was not used to the dry toilet in the countryside, she met an old man. The old man was not surprised. What was strange was that the old man carried a talking fox in his hand he Miao:... old man:... a fox: can someone say a word he Miao is sure that he has worn it into a world of cultivation she was brought back to the sect by the old man and became the fifth disciple of an immortal sect elder. Senior brothers disliked her cultivation for being too weak he Miao lay flat completely. She made herself a pot of fairy tea. It's time to start her salted fish life who knows, the tea is not cold yet the eldest martial brother is possessed by the devil, the second martial brother is a demon, the master falls down, the third martial brother is missing, the fourth martial brother betrays... he Miao is just a level 3 scum in the Qi training period. He Miao is forced to take all the possessions of the sect and run down the mountain before leaving, the dying master pointed to the green mountain opposite: old five, you have to rebuild my Bihai Pavilion in the future... he Miao hesitated: Master, are you sure I can seeing her master dying, she looked like she wouldn't close her eyes if she didn't agree he Miao has no choice but to swear to God: it is necessary to rebuild Bihai Pavilion in this life heart: anyway, the gas refining period is more than 100 years, and she will die when she has lived enough later, she really became the patriarch and rebuilt Bihai Pavilion a male leader solemnly taught: I think you and I belong to different sects. I advise you to focus on the Tao and don't go astray... he Miao: XX's a man:... Don't be rude he Miao: what XXXX!

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