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Brother is Lord Poseidon

Brother is Lord Poseidon

Brother is Lord Poseidon

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    Brother is Lord Poseidon
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    Six bottles of water
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    Long Novel
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2022-08-03 10:39:16
After seeing Helen with the same black hair and pupils as him for the first time, Poseidon began to wonder about his life before he became a patron saint as an orphan girl, Helen had no golden fingers and became the leader of the rebel army step by step with her own efforts Where did Poseidon come from? With what purpose did the faceless goddess come to movi, which was once just an unknown island? Why can't overseas borders be crossed when the war between life and death comes, the past grievances will be ignored. People are on the same front, no longer divided into camps, just to survive a story of a woman's upward growth. The male is the female's brother, not a lover. The female main CP line will appear in the middle. The background is fictional. It is an independent small world in the early stage, the female master grew up with the male master in the copy of the folk plot. In the middle stage, it was the struggle of the royal family and nobility in the capital, and in the later stage, it was the battle of life and death.

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