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The devil s cruel concubine, she was reborn

The devil s cruel concubine, she was reborn

The devil s cruel concubine, she was reborn

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    The devil s cruel concubine, she was reborn
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    Falling without Xiao
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    People Books
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2022-08-08 18:07:06
[this article 1v1, double cleanliness + double rebirth + absolute pet + Vest + double strength + two-way rush] in her previous life, she exhausted her last strength, scarlet eyes, made an eternal curse with the blood and bones of her whole body, and slept with him in the underground cave where ghosts marched when she returned from rebirth, she practiced the magic of the ghost system and became the only limitless ghost magician on the empty continent who mastered and manipulated all poisons the world is afraid of her ruthless and bloodthirsty nature. How can we know that she used to be gentle and harmless... it is said that his highness Yunfu nine is cold hearted and has no heart she laughs at the world for being too stupid and blind in this world, she is the only one who knows that he has a heart and a heart enough to warm the world but this heart was stored with her 800 years ago when we meet again, she only seeks heart for him "I wish your heart is like mine, your heart, I have always protected it well, just wait for the next life to meet, I return your heart, you return me forever." she trembled her voice and finally said what she couldn't say to him 800 years ago he smiled wildly and hugged her in his arms, "ah Tang, I've been waiting for you for a long time." [he's a sweet pet, a new attempt, only hope that time will live up to him.] established book friends: 746469878 (welcome to play)

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