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After rebirth, he became a big man s heart

After rebirth, he became a big man s heart

After rebirth, he became a big man s heart

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    After rebirth, he became a big man s heart
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    Yun Si Niang
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-01-23 01:43:08
Su Qianli, the legitimate daughter of the Shangshu mansion, was entrusted with a bad person all her life and died miserably in the cold palace to revive her life, she decided to wash her blood feud - King Zhao coveted the country, and she let him draw water with a bamboo basket the scum man robbed by the eldest sister, she gave it to her with gongs and drums however, when she was planning strategies and avenging her revenge, she was watched by the cold-blooded king of Qin one can save the world, and the other can kill people like hemp one praises the people and the other loses the support of the people one is beautiful, the other is disabled and cold the two people who have no intersection point out the country hand in hand even on a different road, you can return to the same place... it is said that the king of Qin killed people like a hemp. He also received a generous reward from the son of heaven and gave a beauty it's said that Su Qianli, Princess of Yunyang, was very ill after she learned that she was married everyone sighed: the princess has both moral integrity and unparalleled in the world. Why should a good flower be inserted on double strong, sweet pet, not soft handed!

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