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Paranoid he Zong s sweetheart

Paranoid he Zong s sweetheart

Paranoid he Zong s sweetheart

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    Paranoid he Zong s sweetheart
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2021-12-30 19:46:51
[hidden and paranoid Man vs independent woman in distress] Chen Tianyue was the luckiest thing in her life. He dukun was persistent in her, and his strength saved her Chen Tianyue looked like she suddenly realized it. In her mind, various versions of domineering presidents flew all over the sky. She was narcissistic for a time. She couldn't help blurting out: "I'm the woman you can't get in your life!" he dukun was about to get up. He straightened up slowly and picked up his eyes. The cold eyes under the black silk mirror frame were opposite her: "you can try." ... since then, Chen Tianyue's peaceful life began to be full of crises. She often bowed to life and walked towards him step by step later, the day Chen Tianyue learned the truth, she became angry and began to lose her memory and follow him until she found an oil painting hidden deep in him... until the rebellious young master became gloomy and said sadly: Tianyue, I'm wronged... Chen Tianyue felt a pain in her heart. Before she found it, a man named he dukun loved her deeply in the world.