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Glazed Fire Phoenix

Glazed Fire Phoenix

Glazed Fire Phoenix

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    Glazed Fire Phoenix
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    Shangguan Lingyuan
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    Only Novel
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2022-01-01 19:47:46
Thousands of years ago, there was a war between the heaven and the demon world. Xuanyuan Fuxiao, the God of war in the heaven, blocked the channel between the heaven and the demon world with the yuan God, prevented the demon world from reviving the nether king and overturned the balance of the three worlds at the same time, the human world was in chaos, and yunxihuang, the daughter of the emperor of heaven, was ordered to come down to earth to govern the human world a thousand years later, the "ghost doctor", the legitimate female disciple of Yaowang Valley, met with Xuanwu emperor sanziye Lanxiu in cangqiong village after countless twists and turns, the two people have feelings for each other, launched a lifelong love, and then continued the front edge